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I am now a certified chocolatier.  See below for details!

We have moved!
check us out at 604 Endicott N. St. in Laconia (across from funspot)

Covid-19 update
We will not require the wearing of masks in our store.  You may continue to wear them, should you decide, but the staff will not be wearing them.

Certified Chocolatier

This badge represents not only my passion for fine chocolate craftsmanship but also my successful completion of a formal education in professional chocolate arts.

The above badge celebrates the high level of knowledge and skills I obtained while starting my career as a chocolatier. These became the foundation for a career in chocolate.

I know how important it is to perfect my chocolate recipe development process, as pre-planning and testing is key to the success of the final product. Good recipe formulation and production best practices allow me to produce a perfect product efficiently, safely and consistently, time after time.

I have experience in professional chocolate making skills and techniques including tempering, enrobing, decorating and molding. I am knowledgeable about the equipment used to support fine artisan craftsmanship.

I respect my customers and their intelligence by being open about the ingredients and processing of my chocolate products. I keep my product labels, promotional materials and marketing messages accurate and don't make claims that I cannot support.