About us...the story

Our Story

Well, the name kind of speaks for itself, but here it is.  For those in the know...don't tell anyone else, but our state area code is 603!  Shhh, don't tell! that's where that came from and then well, we sell candy.  I loved the idea of using the state image for the 'd' because it seemed to fit so well!

As for the 'live sweet or die' piece, I've lived in New Hampshire for over 26 years now and I've looked at a lot of New Hampshire plates over the years and it wasn't until driving home from painting the store one day, that it hit me.  The plates say, 'live free or die', and I thought why not live sweet or die'?

So there you have it, in a nut shell, the how and why of 603 Candy's name! Now onto about me....

Well, as stories go, this one is a good one. my name is kristina and i'm not from around here...sort of.  Born on the west coast, i met and married an air force kid who was from the east coast, and well, the rest they say, is history.

now happily living in the lakes region of new hampshire, i enjoy my east coast life with my husband david (dave to everyone else) and our son, cody.  we are summer people, well, I am, the boys love their snowmobiling as well.  But i enjoy the summers in the camper, riding in the Saleen Mustang and just hanging out.

what, you may be asking, does this have to do with candy??? well, that's a pretty good question, because some days I wonder myself.  it wasn't until a few years ago that this was even an idea and now, whiz bang, here we are!


Well, it all started when I was looking for work but had a difficult time finding it.  Apparently having a double Master’s degree is not a good thing.  Many people felt I was over qualified and wouldn’t give me the time of day…so… we created a job for me to excel in.  I can now use my Business degree (Associates); Communications degree (Bachelor’s); Master’s in Marketing and Master’s in Sports Management all at 603 Candy. 


Funny how the world works, but you know what?  I’m actually very happy doing what I’m doing.  While it does take away time from my husband, we do get to spend what little time we have doing what we love, whether that be camping, riding in the Mustang or doing both! Our son is out in the mid-west living out his dream of working on race cars, my husband owns a machine shop and I now own a candy store. 


The American Dream is possible and we are living it!  Is it hard work, heck yeah, but I’m happy doing what I’m doing. 

With the help of my husband, we are here to make this your candy destination.  The place you want to come for some great candy, chocolates, gifts and even some homemade goodness! 

we are 603 Candy!  Live sweet or die!!!!

Not a recent photo of us, it's a year or so old (yeah right...) but it is our favorite picture of us on a trip to virginia beach!