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James Bond Special-Lemon/lime flavors, orange vodka and white chocolate.

Buttery nipple.jpg

Buttery Nipple

Butterscotch, Irish cream and coffee, a soothing warm creamy blend of flavors to keep you warm, no matter the weather.

Caramel appletini.jpg

Caramel Appletini

Caramel Apple without the mess and fuss!  

Almond joy.jpg

Almond Joy

Today you feel like a nut, but that's okay, use it.  Take advantage of milk chocolate and almonds.

Caramel macchiato.jpg

Caramel Macchiato

A great burst of quick energy, maybe morning, afternoon or to help you get through the night ahead.  Enjoy the richness of caramel macchiato coffee.

Hynotiq state of mind.jpg

HypnotiQ State of Mind

A little pineapple, a little Malibu rum and well, a little HypnotiQ. Change your state of mind!

Chocolate truffle.jpg


Sometimes you just need to get back to the basics. Rich milk chocolate, nothing else.  It's the little things in life!



An excellent way to get your boost of energy, watch out for the beans inside your delicious dark chocolate truffle.

Indian summe.jpg

Indian Summer

We all love the end of season Indian summer's, try this one. Amaretto, vodka and Kahlua... finish the season out right.

Dirty banana.jpg

Dirty Banana

It's okay to get a little dirty every now and then, just go with it, don't fight it.  Kahlua and banana's will help you through this.



A New England tradition, only made better with chocolate. Peanut butter and marshmallow fluff!  Yeah, we went there yet again!

Jager bomb.jpg

Jager Bomb

Need a late night pick-me-up?  A little red bull will help-oh yeah, and the Jager!

Mexican coffee.jpg

Mexican Coffee

Another great way to stay alert!  Kahlua, tequila and coffee with beautiful milk chocolate.  Now you're ready for your honey-do list.



We all know the song- Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't... So good news, you're not a nut (this time!)

French Toast.jpg

French Toast

Maple and cinnamon flavors topped with powdered sugar.  No plate or fork needed!

Mocha brownie truffle.jpg

Mocha Brownie

We love our coffee! A little cocoa, vanilla and coffee go a long way! Milk chocolate lovers beware!


Butter Beer

Harry Potter fans, here you go! 

Cinnamon roll truffle.jpg

Cinnamon Roll

All the ooey gooeyness of a cinnamon roll without the sticky fingers.

The viper.jpg
Twisted peanut butter cup.jpg

The Viper

Don't let the fangs get into you.  The combination of vodka, whiskey, southern comfort, grand  mariner, amaretto, coconut, pineapple and peach flavors will have you seeking an antidote.

Twisted Peanut Butter Cup

Feeling twisted lately?  Join the crowd!  Peanut butter whiskey, Bailey's and butterball!  It's okay, stay twisted.

Rootbeer float.jpg

Root Beer Float

Always a crowd favorite.  Root Beer and vanilla ice cream... you're welcome.

Shirley temple.jpg

Shirley Temple

Who doesn't remember the curly haired bubbly little girl?  Ginger ale and cherry flavors, so good!

Blow Job.jpg

Blow Job

Yeah, we wert there. Amaretto and Irish Cream. 

Sex on the beach.jpg

Sex on the Beach

Well, we are in Weirs Beach... vodka, peach schnapps and grenadine to get you in the mood.

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